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  • In brief …

    I draw and paint what I see around me.  My  urban scenes – abstracted and imaginary – feed on the skylines and bustle of major cities, the tall spires, shop windows, street trees, and other familiar features.

    I also do figurative work, derived from people I see in parks and pubs, on city streets, at music and theatrical events, and other places, chiefly in Washington where I have lived in the Dupont Circle neighborhood more than 45 years.   Another favorite subject is natural landscapes inspired by travel and nearby vistas.

    My sketchbook is ever at the ready.  I have filled hundreds, as well as loose sheets of paper, with drawings in ink, wash, graphite, and conte crayon of skylines, landscapes, figures, music, theater, and art.  For some ink drawings, back home, I add color with washes.

    Beginning in 1993, I took painting and related courses in the Open Program of the Corcoran College of Art and Design, the last several years working with Washington artist the late William Christenberry.  In 1996, I was awarded the Corcoran‘s Linda Rosenbaum Scholarship for “talent and artistic excellence.”

    Gallery plan b ( on Washington’s 14th Street corridor showed my art for 10 years, often in group shows. It closed the end of June 2015, showing my paintings and drawings in a 4 day solo show before closing.  

    In September 2015, I joined Studio Gallery, a co-op more than 50 years old with about 40 local artists working in a variety of media.  Studio Gallery is located at 2108 R Street in the Dupont Circle neighborhood.  In January 2017, I became treasurer and joined the board of directors.  (See

    I have shown regularly, mostly in group shows.   My first solo outing was November 2018, “Urban Uprising.”  See “Links” on the gallery website for a 17 minute video interview in which I talk about my work, my artistic inspirations and influences, my background, and more.  See also my artist’s page.   The catalog for my show in October 2019 is under “Exhibitions,” drop down menu, Exhibition Catalogs.

    I have exhibited in Washington since 1997.  My work is in collections in the Washington area, in New York and San Francisco, in Los Angeles, Aspen, Sanibel, Boston and elsewhere in New England.

    I work in the environmental field, having previously studied architecture at the University of Michigan, graduating 1972, and having time as a Loeb Fellow ’79-80 at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.   These experiences explain, in part, my fascination with urban themes in my art.    

    • Studio Gallery, summer group show, Butterflies in the Outhouse, July-August 2024
    • Studio Gallery, From Washington, DC to New York City, duo show with Beverly Logan, May-June 2024
    • Studio Gallery, Our Common Humanity, Group Show, November-December 2023
    • Studio Gallery, See You Soon, Group Show, July-August 2023
    • Studio Gallery, Myths and Memories, Group Show, November-December 2022
    • Studio Gallery, Out and About, Duo Show, October 2022
    • Studio Gallery, My Muse, Group Show, July-August 2022
    • Studio Gallery, See You Soon, Group Show, August 2023
    • Studio Gallery, Out and About, Duo Show, October 2022
    • Studio Gallery, My Muse, Summer Group Show, 2022
    • Studio Gallery, Organic Geometry, Group Show tribute to the late Member Nancy Frankel, November/December 2021
    • Studio Gallery, Skylines as Sculpture, solo show, November 2021
    • Studio Gallery, Cooperative Visions, Group Show, December 2020
    • Studio Gallery, Peace in Ambiguity, Group Show, autumn 2020
    • Studio Gallery, Art as Activism, Group Show, July-August, 2020
    • Studio Gallery, Inspiration in Isolation, online Group Show, Spring  2020
    • Studio Gallery, Tales of Yesterday, Tales of Tomorrow, Year End Group Show, December 2019
    • Studio Gallery, Nature on My Mind:  Landscapes and Seascapes, October 2019
    • Studio Gallery, Art All Night, September 14, 2019
    • Studio Gallery, Me and My Shadow, Summer Group Show, August 2019
    • Studio Gallery, Artists’ Closet, Year End Group Show, December 2018
    • Studio Gallery, Urban Uprising, Solo Exhibit, November 2018
    • Studio Gallery, tribute to William Christenberry, January 2018
    • Studio Gallery, Common Ground, December 2017
    • Studio Gallery, Rituals, July/August 2017
    • Soho Tea&Coffee, Urban Affairs, oil paintings on exhibit at this neighborhood hangout, spring 2017
    • Studio Gallery, Love, Year End Group Show, December 2016
    • Studio Gallery, Skylines and Treelines, Duo Show, October 2016
    • Studio Gallery, Escapism, Summer Group Show, July/August 2016
    • Studio Gallery, New Members Show, February 2016
    • Studio Gallery, Ensemble, Year End Group Show, December 2015
    • Gallery plan b, solo show, June 10-14, 2015
    • Gallery plan b, 10×10 – The Anniversary Show, February/March 2015
    • Gallery plan b, Man Made, October 2014
    • Gallery plan b, General Public, July 2014
    • Gallery plan b, figurative work en portfolio, June 2013
    • Emerge – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
    • Gallery plan b, Year End Group Shows, 2010 to 2014
    • Gallery plan b, Pods, June-July 2011
    • Gallery plan b, spring show, 2011
    • Gallery plan b, Inside/Outside, April-May 2010
    • Gallery plan b, Persona Grata, March-April 2010
    • Gallery plan b, The Line Forms Here, July-August 2009
    • Gallery plan b, White Box = Gift Box, December 2008
    • Gallery plan b, Go Figure, 2007
    • Gallery plan b group shows, 2005, 2006
    • Lambda Rising, 2004
    • WorldSpace Galleries, Two Guys – Tales of the City, 2003
    • Studio Gallery, Invitational, 2003
    • Touchstone Gallery, Works on or of Paper, 2002
    • Rivaga Gallery, Portfolio Show, 2000
    • 505 – 7th Street Gallery, Influence, 2000
    • Corcoran Off-White Walls, 2000
    • Studio Gallery, Side-by-Side, 2000
    • Washington Art-o-Matic, 1999, 2000, 2002
    • Corcoran Georgetown, Solo, 1998
    • Corcoran White Walls, 1997, 1999, 2001